Top Five Baby Shower Game Ideas

If you have been asked to host a baby shower, part of the occasion would involve playing games. Along with cake, drinks, and beautiful baby decorations, you want the guests to be entertained. Therefore, you will need to choose the right games, based on the type of shower being given, the age and lifestyle of the guests, and even preference of the mom and dad-to-be. To help get you started, we have provided the top five baby shower game ideas to consider.

Game One

“Don’t say baby” is a fun game to play and somewhat challenging. Obviously, the focus of the baby shower if the birth of the baby so not saying the word “baby” is hard. For this game, every person would be provided with a clothespin upon arrival. Then, have the guests, clip on the clothespin somewhere visible. The goal of the game is to avoid saying the word “baby”. If a guest hears someone say it, they take that person’s clothespin, adding it onto their own clothing item. At the end of the game, the guest with the most clothespins would win.

Now, if you want something smaller, you can always use safety pins that have miniature candy pacifiers, or pink or blue ribbon attached. For this, simply provide each guest with a ribbon to hang around the neck onto which the safety pins would be added. Once the game is over at the end of the baby shower, offer a small prize.

Game Two

The Price is Right is another fun baby shower game. For this, simply purchase about 10 small baby items such as booties, Vaseline, hair bow, pacifier, and so on. Keep the receipt for each item so you will know the price. Then pass the items around the room on a platter, allowing the guests to write down the name of each item on a piece of paper. Next to the name, guests would put down the price they believe you paid. The one guest coming closest to the right price and for the most amount of items without going over wins.

Game Three

The Photo Game is a tremendous amount of fun. Each guest would bring a photo of themselves as a baby. These photos would be hung up on poster board for other guests to look at. Then, each guest would try to match the photo to the guest. Again, the guest making the most right guesses would win a small prize.

Game Four

The Baby Food game is something you do not want to miss. Purchase about eight jars of baby food, removing the lids and labels. Guests would need to sample each jar, trying to guess the exact food. The guest with the highest number of right answer wins.

Game Five

For guests with a competitive nature, the Baby Bottle Drink Off is hilarious! For this, fill the smallest size baby bottles you can find with grape or apple juice. Make sure the hole in each bottle is enlarged but the same. Then, line competitors up and on the signal, have them guzzle the contents of the bottle. The guest that finishes the juice first would win some type of prize

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